February 26,2017

4th Anniversary Message from the CEO

Artience Lab Inc. is today, February 26, able to mark the fourth anniversary of its founding.

Our original technology development, products and services based on cutting-edge hologram technology has steadily multiplied. We thank you for your support and collaboration, without which none of these would have been possible.

What we at Artience Lab Inc. are ready to offer at any time now are in three broad categories…

  1. Our new media for your visual experience of WOW – the WOWGRAM and WOWLIGHT  
    (Goods such as souvenirs using WOWGRAM are on popular sale at our official web shop
  2. WOWcode for use as keys for security and special content
    (Details are presented in <>)
  3. Optical elements that realize bending/collection/expansion of light with a thin film
    (We engage in contract development according to your needs. “Tall orders” are very welcome – please feel free to inquire.)

“Bringing into view by a change of the viewpoint”… This phrase, which applies to the hologram, is also what we hold as our motto.
Possibilities are often written off by arbitrarily self-imposed constraints, but we should like to re-examine those constraints to change the viewpoint and make possible the impossible.

We will keep enhancing our efforts in order to create products and services for our customers’ satisfaction.
Thank you in advance for your continued patronage into the long term.

Akira Shirakura, CEO
Artience Lab Inc.