February 26,2018

5th Anniversary Message from the CEO

Artience Lab Inc. is today, February 26, able to mark the fifth anniversary of its founding.
We thank you for your support and collaboration, without which this would not have been possible.

That day of founding, with an intense hope of making broad contribution to society by providing novel products and services in a way that is not possible by large corporations, is as if just yesterday.

Since then we have steadily incubated, if not without hitches, our hologram-related technology year on year to broaden our range of unprecedented products and services.

Furthermore, in this past year, we have received contracts for development projects from many client companies, with more and more opportunities to answer to their needs.
Although the details cannot be given here in view of the obligatory non-disclosure requirements, we are for now set to more than answer to the needs of our clients in contributing to their bringing services and products to market so that we should soon be able to introduce them to you.

In recent years, while there are increasing cases of the Pepper’s ghost being incorrectly referred to as “holograms”, on the other hand, there is renewed interest in exploiting authentic hologram technology, which can realize optical bending and imaging with thin film material.
We have the advanced technology, equipment and know-how to perform stable recording of holograms in specialized material. “Tall orders” are very welcome – please feel free to inquire.

Our sales of goods for personal use are also expanding, although still at a modest scale.
For example, in our official web store, there are daily enquiries since the beginning of this year about such goods as memorials of soccer and baseball teams and medallions for commemorating graduation or awards in recognition, in addition to golf markers.
We will renew our original founding spirit of hoping to provide happy and moving experiences to our customers by integration of art and science, in order to continue to deliver products for our customers’ satisfaction.

“Bringing into view by a change of the viewpoint”

This phrase, which applies to the hologram, is also what we hold as our motto. Possibilities are often written off by arbitrarily self-imposed constraints, but we should like to re-examine those constraints to change the viewpoint and make possible the impossible.

We will keep enhancing our efforts in order to create products and services for our customers’ satisfaction.
Thank you in advance for your continued patronage into the long term.

Akira Shirakura, CEO
Artience Lab Inc.